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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

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As interesting as it looks, I'm hoping they'll tone the film detail down a bit in post production. No matter how much a movie or show tries to emulate the old look and feel, without that excessively soft lens it just looks like their trying to ape the old style (read: non-genuine).

When looking at the pinup shot of Elmira Cray, I can't help but think of another (excessively bloomed) pinup shot captioned "More bloom! I said more!" because I should probably be thinking the same snark of this one.

Leaves me to wonder what could be done on-the-fly with BluRay or digital movie technologies. That is, to provide a single video stream that could be viewed in HD or low res, with or without blooms, color or B&W, etc. All are relatively simple image transformations, though I suppose turning on all the filters at once might make things chug a bit.

To finish up the ramble, I wonder if they'll still be hand animating Dracula turning into a bat.
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