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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

You guys will like this.

House of the Wolf Man.

...director Eben McGarr has written and directed [House of the Wolf Man] ... set to see its premiere later this fall. McGarr has shot the film to look exactly like a movie made in the 1940's era ... filmed in black and white and full frame.
Nuke The Fridge was on set to see a number of scenes being filmed, including a battle between the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster. This movie is intended to slip seamlessly in with the other two "House of" movies and with no gore, language, or sex, it should be for all members of the family.
Here's the other part that jumped out at me:

The film stars Ron Chaney (grandson of the original "Wolf Man", Lon Chaney, Jr.) as the Wolf Man.

Click the link for some pics. Dread Central has a shot of the make-up, which looks a cross between Lon Chaney Jr.'s and the make-up from Werewolf of London.

I hope they pull it off, because it sounds really cool.
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