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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

Saw this movie last night and it sucked balls.

My robot lover, Soundwave, was so incredibly awesome. That was my main concern. Ravage was friggin' amazing as well so that made me happy.

Otherwise, I couldn't believe I was watching some of my childhood heroes on the big screen with the urge to get up and walk out of the movie. It was boring and stupid and the only parts I enjoyed were with the robots and, since 95% of this movie has irritating humans present, it made me want to run away and hide and never admit to actually buying a ticket for this movie.

Transformers was officially raped. At least the first movie was tolerable but this movie had no excuse.

Jetfire was annoying as hell. He wasn't funny at all tumbling around with a friggin CANE and whining about being old.

Megatron and Starscream brought back great memories from the show. They acted the way you expect them to act. At least this part was done properly.

I liked how Soundwave was pretty much the main decepticon in this one and was giving out orders. That owned.

Arcee was wasted. That pissed me off. She did absolutely nothing.

This movie was garbage, don't waste your time, wait for TV.

I give this movie a 2/10.

I give Shia an 8/10, and not for his acting.
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