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Re: Most attractive Trek alien races?

marylizz wrote: View Post
I voted Vulcans, Romulans (TOS), Cardassians and Bajorans. Each of these has attractive qualities, as do other species that I didn't pick.
Vulcans and Romulans (TOS variety) are physically attractive, in regards to their appearance and superior capabilities. I find the Vulcan stoicism and spirituality, as well as their striving for knowledge and truth, very attractive. Romulans seem so very passionate and bold, which is also attractive.
Something about the reptilian look about Cardassians is alluring in a way I can't quite put my finger on. And Bajorans are really cute, in my opinion, with their noses, and more beautiful in their spirituality.
Other races also have undeniably attractive qualities as well, of course.
You voted exactly the same as me. And pretty much for the same reasons.

marylizz wrote: View Post
How strange that we humans should even be attracted to creatures that are not our species. And yet it's true, some of the Trek aliens are undeniably attractive.
Well, it helps that they're really humans in makeup. If real aliens were humanoid, I suppose it wouldn't be so strange to be attracted to them, either. But it is interesting to see how much you can deviate from human appearance and still retain the attractiveness. I don't expect to see many votes for Horta.

In some cases, the "alien" makeup even adds to the beauty or sexeappeal, which is interesting. Some actors actually look better in the makeup, I think. For instance, when I saw a pic of real life Tim Russ, he just looked strange to me without the pointy ears and Vulcan eyebrows.

Granted, most of the races I picked (Vulcans, TOS Romulans, Bajorans) aren't all that different in appearance than humans and the actors wear very little makeup. But I was particularly surprised that I find Cardassians so attractive. I never liked the Klingon look, for instance, and used to tease a friend who had a crush on Worf, because I just couldn't get past those bumpy foreheads. Later I felt stupid about it when I realized I was attracted to some of the Cardassians, who are equally non-human in appearance. There's just something about the reptilian look, I think it adds a certain dangerous/sexy aura... and (when it comes to men) it's a very masculine look. I like the necks... and their uniforms tend to *ahem* show off some of the best physical aspects.

I also think some of the women look gorgeous, sometimes in a slightly scary/Goth way.

But I think Nana Visitor made a very lovely and actually sweet-looking Cardassian.

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