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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

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I think the Bonaventure is an awesome start... has a nice DY-100 pedigree, but has an engineering hull and an aesthetic that feels closer to the utility deco of the good ol' 1701. It's very cool, but at the same time, yeah something does seem off about it.

The Valiant is pure win. I'd love to take her for a spin round' the ol' galaxy.
Re: this version of the Bonnie...

There are two "big bugaboos" I see there.

First, the underslung secondary hull could be a bit shorter, overall... start at the same place in front but not extending quite as far aft.

Second, the warp drive nacelles don't have "75% or better line-of-sight" between them. They need that, as far as I'm concerned. Tilting them upwards, just enough to clear the primary hull (which is what I'm calling the entire top section) would fix that, and would also help "balance out" the design (compensating for the underslung secondary hull).

Those are my initial thoughts.

Of course, I still like my version of the Bonnie better...
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