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Rush Limborg wrote: View Post's a question that (hopefully) should bring some folks' attention back to the thread:

If the Typhon Pact is liken to the Warsaw Pact, can we then imply that the former Romulan Empire is the new Germany?

(RSE--East Germany, Warsaw Pact/Typhon Pact; IRS--West Germany, NATO/Khitomer Alliance)

And...considering Tholia's apparent hostility to the UFP (read, the ambassador's saber-rattling to Bacco), and (during the Cold War) the Soviet Union's hostility to the USA, Is Tholia the new USSR?
Not unless the Tholians want to have the Romulans shoving disruptors in their faces cause I don't see the Romulans or ANY member of the Pact will follow the lead of the isolationist Tholians especially the Breen who were part of a bigger power even if it was only temporary.

Also the problem with likening the situation with the RSE to East Germany is East Germany wasn't exactly a voluntary member of the Warsaw Pact since they were un Soviet occupation at the time and the Romulan Star Empire willingly joined the Typhon Pact.

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