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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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Is it only the first act that's available now?

BTW -- I spotted what may be the first blooper!

Capt. Glenn apparently spells his name "Arron" instead of "Aaron."
Only Act 1....the others are almost done and will be released next month.

Also, I have been getting 'blooper' emails all morning...first about Thelin being the wrong color (no..he is a hybrid) to the bridge not having the second turbo lift (no...the Enterprise was retrofitted to include the second lift..the Farragut wasn't ). But you get the prize for the most observant....

Fortunately, it is easily changed....The 'final' version will have it corrected (I will send a note to the mirror sites to update their files once I get an update to it rendered.)

I am not sure what to reward you with, but how about this: GOOD CATCH
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