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What I found to be a good approach for 'The Pitt' is to strip down to light armour (raider/merc) and only take a few light weapons (hunting rifle, SMG, sledgehammer.)
I initially did it that way because I'd read that you loose your weapons fairly quickly and I didn't want to risk permanently loosing anything of value, though as it turns out you do eventually get everything back. Still, it made the game feel "new" again, leaving all my heavy gear back in Megaton, including all but 50 caps, a couple sim packs and 100 rounds each of 10mm & .32, even though cash, meds & ammo weigh nothing. Forcing myself to deal with limited resources really improved the experience IMO.

One of the main problems with Fallout 3 is just how easy it is to get far more gear than you could ever use and it renders the vendors and traders next to useless. In fact my "main" character (I have 3) has well over 43,000 caps, enough components and spare guns to build or repair dozens of weapons and at least five of every non-unique armour. When I loot enemies now, I don't even bother with anything other than the ammo and the fingers since I really don't need the cash.
If nothing else it'd be nice to just have something expensive to spend your caps on, like another house in Canterbury Commons or a way to customise your gear.
One of the minor disappointments I had was the lack of a hunting sidequest. I remember in FO1 I had lots of fun hunting gekkos for their pelts. It'd be nice if you could find a use for Yao Guai hide or maybe sell meat to one of the kitchens. Perhaps even the ability to lay down bait and traps.
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