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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract

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Question... is Oyugo a new captain, or does she have some experience under her belt? I have a hard time thinking Starfleet would have put a newly minted starship commander in charge of such an important mission.

Oh, and just one note, Voyager was not Janeway's first command:
Hmmm. You're technically correct about that! Though she wasn't a Captain as far as I can tell ... hmm, time's up to edit, but I'm going to make changes to the one saved on my hard drive. If I get around to posting it on Ad Astra, it'll be fixed.

Oyugo is not a new captain. I see now that it's vague from the way I worded that section. (You guys are very helpful! This is the first time I've written anything like this, so I need all the help I can get.) Oyugo is not a super, super experienced captain, either, though. She's smart and competent and has made a name for herself by handling command well under pressure in some nasty situations, but she's only in her mid 40s. For a seven year mission into possibly hostile territory, you don't want someone too old, especially with a second-in-command who is unusually young. I will say of Oyugo that there may be more at play with her than meets the eye as far as why she was picked. But I haven't written those chapters yet.

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