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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

ah, i get it. interesting.... altho' fanfic has never been my thing. in that way, i guess i am a canonite. i can see why it would be fun, but it does seem to tend to run to topics that are either self-serving for the author or just out there.

and i have to agree that a spock/kirk pairing would be just.... out there. nothing against homosexual men, but dammit, that kinda takes away from a lot of the whole exploring the galaxy thing. isn't one of the best things about trek the fact that they get to go do and see things that we can only dream about? i know plenty of gay men. none of them are vulcan, admittedly.... do vulcans even do that kind of thing? it brings up so many questions.... and seems distracting from the main ideas of trek.

speaking of which, when we gonna get more yummy quinto pics?
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