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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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OMG i would never have watched that 'bohemian rhapsody' one otherwise, but that second part had me rolling. very funny.

i agree that the picture slideshow ones suck. seems like there are way too many of them.

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An example of AU that I just can't get behind is Spock/Kirk. I've never been a slash fan.
i have no idea what this means. AU? slash? what does guns'n'roses have to do with any of this?
AU is alternate universe (i.e. making stuff up to suit ourselves)

Slash is the term used for describing fan-fiction centred around specific pairings - coming from the description "Kirk/Spock" for example. It makes more sense to me to use it to describe any pairing, but general usage these days is specifically homosexual pairings.
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