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Re: Star Trek Newspaper Comic Strips

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Rich Handley has posted his entire comic strip collection for viewing and downloading here: I am one grateful fan and can only imagine that acquiring, scanning, and cataloging all of the strips was an excruciating process at the outset of his quest.

Every strip from the US and UK are present and are in pristine quality. The Memory-Alpha article is well researched and possibly the definitive guide.
Thanks so much for posting this! In June, 1982 I was visiting relatives in North Carolina and comic book/strip nut that I was, I immediately rooted around their local paper and was thrilled to see a Star Trek comic strip. I snipped the story for the week we were up there and still have them. In fact, it was "The Wristwatch Plantation" that I saw, and that story was nearing its completion. Now 27 years later I get to finally read the whole thing. Such nostalgia...
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