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Re: "Broken Bow" : Line-By-Line!

Admiral Forrest: "When Zephram Cochrane made his legendary warp flight 90 years ago and drew the attention of our new friends, the Vulcans, we realized we weren't alone in the Galaxy. Today... We are about to cross a new threshold. For nearly a century, we've waded ankle-deep in the ocean of space. Now it's finally time to swim."

(Crew applauds)


Forrest: "The Warp 5 engine wouldn't be a reality without men like dr. Cochrane and Henry Archer, who worked so hard to develop it. It's only fitting that Henry's son, Jonathan Archer will command the first starship powered by that engine."

(Crew applauds again)

(Archer and Forrest nods to each other, and the crew leaves the hall)

Forrest: "Rather then quoting dr. Cochrane, I think we should listen to his own words, from the dedication ceremony for the Warp 5 complex, 23 years ago."
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