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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

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Gathered with a few friends at the Arbor to see Moon earlier tonight.

Very old school scifi, includin' the use of models instead of CGI! I enjoyed it, and the twenty minute conversation that followed, where the four of us argued plot points and character traits 'til I had to leave for work.

Definately goin' to pick this up on DVD when it comes out.
Thanks for the review, I'll put it on the list!

New for me:

12 - Russian remake/expansion of Twelve Angry Men. I liked the broadening of the story to include scenes from the backstory of the accused, and some of the stories told by the jury members were interesting but the lack of intense, stage-play-style focus sapped the narrative drive of the original, and there seemed to be a lot of overly histrionic acting going on, and overly fussy and self-conscious directorial tics.

Steamboat Bill Jr - A Buster Keaton film from 1928 that I'd never seen before. Almost good as his classic The General. Strongly recommended.
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