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Re: The Typhon Pact

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
The road towards a far more unified galaxy, where no nation or race stands alone but co-operates with its neighbours
Doesn't seem like there's much cooperation going on, unless you're talking about the Typhon Pact members "cooperating" to stand against the Federation.

and where political rivalry and jostling for influence in this manner are seen far more often than armed conflict?
How about neither?

G'Kar: "We are all the sum of our tears. Too little, and the ground is not fertile and nothing can grow there. Too much, and the best of us is washed away".
Pay attention to the "too much" as much as the "too little". What we're seeing now, I see as too much.

You see it more in terms of the latter half of the comment, I think. Why? We've already seen positive outcomes rising from the ashes of the Borg invasion: the more interconnected Trek universe.
Is it so wrong to want the Federation to continue to exist and be PART of that interconnectedness?

I'm taking "fall" to mean "taking a hit". And the Borg invasion was a massive hit but did not bring about the Fall of the Federation.
Not yet, anyway...

As for your quote from Batman Begins, I don't think it compares. The Federation wasn't "falling to pieces", wasn't a "breeding ground for suffering and injustice", wasn't "beyond saving" before Destiny.
Maybe not before it, but after? What's left now?

And after 63 billion people perished, whole worlds and lives shattered didn't you want to know some of the consequences?
Yes, but I'd like some hope that the Federation can survive even after that.
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