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Re: The Typhon Pact

rahullak wrote: View Post
Anyone feel like throwing Species 8472 into the fray?
What about it?

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
Star Trek is pro-Federation, always. More recent Trek literature simply explores some of the flaws of the Federation way alongside its many benefits, and shows how it copes when its formally "perfect" standard of living can no longer be a reality.
There seems to be too much attention to the flaws, and not enough to the strengths. Most of this thread has been about trying to justify the existence of the Typhon Pact (and, therefore, the fall of the Federation). Is there no more role left for the Federation to play? Was Destiny the beginning of the end? I would certainly hope not. You say the Federation still has benefits? Well, THEN WHAT ARE THEY?!?!?

I'd argue that showing the Federation struggling through the post-Destiny era but succeeding in remaining what it is, Typhon Pact rivalries and stingy Alpha Centaurian governors and refugee crises be damned, is the most hopeful and Federation-affirming direction we could go in.
But we're not there yet. If those "stingy governors" and refugee crises are all we will ever hear about regarding the Federation, then what else are we supposed to think? The writers seem to think that the Federation is too good and therefore must be weakened; they are setting it up for a fall.

Anyway, even Tezrene upfront admitted the Typhon Pact was inspired by the Federation
But the pact was formed specifically to be an antagonist to the Federation, so I don't really see the point. "You inspired us so much that we're going to use your methods to take you down"? Seems rather self-defeating, really.

Federation values have become more popular in the galaxy in many ways, not less.
Well, I suppose there *are* the Voyager and Titan novels to consider. If that's where the hope lies, then so be it. Even a little bit is better than nothing. I would hope that those novels could continue for as long as possible before the darkness begins to infect them as well.
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