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I would hope, though, that the writers do find a way for some pro-Federation points of view to be expressed. I don't want this to be the "fall of the Federation" that we keep hearing about. I want there to be hope for the Federation. I want something other than this pervasive, utterly bleak sense of doom and gloom that seems to be pervading the novels lately. What is this, nuBSGTrek? There's got to be some other way.
Star Trek is pro-Federation, always. More recent Trek literature simply explores some of the flaws of the Federation way alongside its many benefits, and shows how it copes when its formally "perfect" standard of living can no longer be a reality. It's not the fall of the Federation, it's simply the Federation adapting to new circumstances. If anything, I'd argue that showing the Federation struggling through the post-Destiny era but succeeding in remaining what it is, Typhon Pact rivalries and stingy Alpha Centaurian governors and refugee crises be damned, is the most hopeful and Federation-affirming direction we could go in. I personally think "hope" has been a very strong theme of the recent books- it was THE defining theme of "Destiny", for example. Anyway, even Tezrene upfront admitted the Typhon Pact was inspired by the Federation- Federation values have become more popular in the galaxy in many ways, not less.
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