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Re: $29.99 for the DVD/Blue Ray, Really?

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Although according to trekmovie, it seems the MSRP breakdown is as follows:

1-disk DVD — $29.99
2-disk DVD — $39.99
3-disk Blu-ray — $39.99

That does seem high.
Not high at all, all 3 are standard MSRP price points. Expect them to hit stores at around...

19.99/23.99/24.99 for each.
Expect some people to say that the real prices, when they are released, are a reflection of Paramount quivering to fan demands that the prices be lowered because they knew that the film wouldn't be successful with just them buying it.

For the record, Amazon is already showing a more reasonable and expected list price of $27.99 for the 3 Disc collection.
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