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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

I don't watch an awful ot of films, but in the cinema this year I saw Watchmen (which I enjoyed despite some flaws) and Star Trek (very, very good, but too action-heavy in its second half). Also had the misfortune to be dragged along to Transformers 2, absolutely terrible and it never seemed to end. I desperately wanted to see Coraline but couldn't find anyone to go with, and was too embarrassed to go by myself. Well, I'll catch it on DVD soon.

On TV, I've watched a couple of interesting films for the first time: The Parallax View, a 70s conspiracy thriller with Warren Beatty; The Prophecy, a supernatural film with Christopher Walken. Both were excellent. Also saw The Fountain, which had interesting visuals and ideas, but overall not really a success. The City of Lost Children was over-cooked and filled with irritating characters - didn't like it at all. And I watched Bolt with my niece, which had some pretty good moments.
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