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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The USS Chimera (PBF) is looking for Crew Members

Open Positions: Yeoman, Chief of Engineering, Engineering Officer, Operations Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, Chief Science Officer, Ship's Counselor, Chief Diplomatic Officer

Plot & Storyline: 2385. Ten years after the Dominion War. The United Federation of Planets is still in the process of rebuilding. Just as the rebuilding is nearing its end, a sudden spike in piracy and theft hits the various shipping lanes. Wiith many people still in need of the supplies being stolen, Starfleet has been tasked with stopping them. One of the first ships on the line is the USS Chimera, whose mission is to safeguard the shipping lanes from the pirates and mercenaries preying on the supply ships.

Their duties include much more than simple law enforcement, however. Their commitment is to the peoples of the sectors they patrol, to the laws in those sectors that they may not even agree with and the continued good standing of the Federation with those governments. They are police officers, diplomats and citizens of the galaxy.
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