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Re: RANK the Seasons of STAR TREK (all Series)

Fair points all. I make no bones about liking both DS9 and ENT more than TNG. I don't know, somehow it focused way too much on family melodrama for my taste... which was fine when I first watched it back in the '90s but now I find them tedious to rewatch. I'm more a big picture, story arc fan. Don't mind relationships thrown in, so long as they're epic and galaxy shattering. For every Worf dishonor story, there was 5 times the dullness elsewhere... endless romantic liasons for Riker, seemingly everybodys mother or father coming out of the woodwork to fill up a pretty inconsequential bottleshow all told. Several plots tweaked slightly for a sci fi setting but not only possible to tell in the Star Trek universe.

The way I approached this, is how I always compile lists of my favourite seasons. How many episodes stay with you from one year? How many from the next? As I thought about it, the more difficult it got to name just five. The more I had to leave off, the higher I had to place that year. The original Season Two has many legendary episodes and I think it's number two position is well deserved.

Although I expect some inter-series rivalry, I'm not promoting bashing between them. Simply to place the seasons where each poster sees fit. Your favourite series can play into your choice. That's entirely up to you. What excites your imagination certainly will.

Believe it or not, I tried hard not to let my appreciation for ENT influence me. But I do actually think their later seasons were great, and squeezed in more action/adventure episodes with a major event and consequence for future weeks.
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