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Re: Emma Watson: Genre babe of the week #30 (July 2009)

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She's without a doubt a middle of the road girl with some goofy looking features. I'd guess you have some sort of a Harry Potter fetish which is skewing your views.
Well then, you and I have very different definitions of "middle of the road with some goofy looking features", my friend, but to each his own. As for a "Harry Potter fetish", I can't speak for Davros, but that's certainly not the case for me. Yeah, I've enjoyed the movies, for the most part, but I've never even read the books. So, nope! I just genuinely find her very pretty.

If she went to the beach here in San Diego, she'd probably sulk in her jealousy while the men leered at the far more attractive beach babes.
Again, I'll have to disagree. While I'm sure there'd be plenty of ladies that are as or, in some people's opinion, more attractive than Miss Watson, I have no doubt that she'd get a fair amount of attention herself.

Kirk's_Tights wrote: none of the 66 people who voted thumbs up feel guilty for getting a raging hard on over a chick who still looks like she's 12?
70 now, and no, not at all! Either way, I don't think she looks 12 or 13. A little younger than her perfectly-legal 19 years, perhaps, but not too much.
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