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Didn't know there was a blog. Thanks! I'll enjoy reading his take on the press tour.

Day 1: Karl shoved a microphone up his mouth. It took three hours for the doctors to remove it.

Day 2: Leonard Nimoy yelled at me for dropping his luggage as we went into the hotel.

Day 3: I caught Zoe canoodling with Chris Pine. What's up with that?

Day 4: Said to heck with it and started canoodling with Chris Pine.

Day 5: Got tackled by some crazy chick from Texas. She had nice boobs, though.

Day 6: Must watch out for that crazy chick from Texas. She's back.

Day 7: Karl says he recognises her and thanks me for taking her attention.

Day 8: Am hiding under the bus
Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence - Dr. McCoy

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