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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

<sigh> i grow weary of the fanvids. well, mainly the ones that are just some girl drooling over how much she loves him.... and there seems to be a lot of those. i spent some time the other day cruising around youtube, and started to feel creepy for being even remotely associated with them.

and i'd rather have source material anyway, so i did a little searching. that fan site we all seem to visit is neato for sure, but i also think everybody should go to his official site - - the blog is especially fun. hasn't been updated for a little while but he made a lot of posts during the press tour. he's quite articulate and his spelling is great (i'm a language geek, so sue me ) and it's hard to beat getting descriptions, thoughts, pics from the man himself. there are shots he took himself on their big trip(s) and also a nice section of pics of him.

sorry if anybody already utilizes this, but i didn't want anyone to miss it. lest we forget in all our drooling that's he's not just sexy, but interesting as well!
(and if anybody has seen that youtube vid of him walking his dog accompanied by a bloody butcher and a giant steak, there is an explanation for that. ....altho' not for why that cameraman was such an @sshole.)
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