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Natima Lang, for example, is a true patriot. Her love and devotion to Cardassia is what fills her with a desire to change it for the better, because she knows that the millitaristic path her world has taken will in the end only lead to destruction. (For these reasons, Legate Ghemor--and eventually, Legate Damar--are also true patriots.)

Gul Dukat, however, is a jingoist. He used his "love" for his homeland to justify sanctioning of atrocities and promotion of tyranny in the name of Cardassia.
True, and I agree with all your points save one (and it's minor). I would argue that Dukat was not even a jingoist. He was a Dukat-ist. He always put Dukat before Cardassia. He was, ultimately, selfish, which is as far from the Cardassian ethic as you can get. I would argue he didn't even truly care about Cardassia at all- the "good" of Cardassia was just the excuse (the first person to believe Dukat's lies was always Dukat himself). In "What You Leave Behind", Winn speaks of "the invasion of Cardassia" and Dukat doesn't even blink. Okay, he had fully descended into madness by then, but even prior to this, his own desires always came first. Terok Nor was his private castle in the sky where he could essentially rape the Bajoran women he found attractive and have his ego stroked. It was not the prosperity of Cardassia he was concerned with. During the Dominion War, his comments to Weyoun show that it is reclaiming HIS position that motivates him, again, not the good of Cardassia. Maybe during season four, with the Klingon invasion, he had the opportunity to grow and change and actually put Cardassia first- but he threw it away by selling his nation out to the Dominion.
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