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Re: UFP Anthem

The Federation capital city is Paris, not San Francisco. As Arlington, Virginia, houses the Pentagon a relatively small distance away from Washington, D.C., so does San Francisco house Starfleet Headquarters a relatively small distance away from Paris.
I was referring to the Federation Council Building, as per Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Unlikely. Most of the senior defense advisors to the Federation President would have been Starfleet admirals who worked in the field and knew what the real galaxy was like.
Well, I suppose it depends on the president...doesn't it?

Wow. That you actually took it seriously, the idea I suggested in jest that patriotism--that is, pride in your country--is automatically would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. If you really think that all pride automatically becomes chauvinism/Nazism...all I can say That really is unfortunate if you yourself are so incapable of drawing the line that you don't believe anyone else can.
Sadly, Nerys, that mindset is all too common....

Strictly speaking, patriotism is "love and devotion to one's country". Jingoism, the belief in "my country, right or wrong", is simply a corruption of the noble idea of patriotism.

Natima Lang, for example, is a true patriot. Her love and devotion to Cardassia is what fills her with a desire to change it for the better, because she knows that the millitaristic path her world has taken will in the end only lead to destruction. (For these reasons, Legate Ghemor--and eventually, Legate Damar--are also true patriots.)

Gul Dukat, however, is a jingoist. He used his "love" for his homeland to justify sanctioning of atrocities and promotion of tyranny in the name of Cardassia.
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