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Re: STXI DVD/Blu-ray special features wishlist

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I would love to have 1960s archival 16mm film interviews of Gene Roddenberry (telecined to HD) and cut in with JJ Abrams talking about his original vision for the Star Trek universe and this film as reimagined in an alternate universe. documentary made by the same people.

On the Blu-ray Disc 2 special feature will be:
Gene Roddenberry's Vision - J.J. Abrams, Leonard Nimoy, previous Star Trek writers and producers, and scientific consultant Carolyn Porco describe and commend the optimistic and enduring vision of Gene Roddenberry.
from the official Paramount release of the discs features and release date :

Hmm, it doesn't mention including Roddenberry himself in the interviews but we can hope... Even for early 1980s interview on video with Roddenberry would be good.
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