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I think what I'm most curious about is the identity of this union. What does it believe in?
Apparently, it believes in diversity and unity and equality... and in not being culturally assimilated by the Federation.

And is there anything that keeps it together beyond rivalry with that blasted Federation? How is this bunch of xenophobic adversarial imperialist thugs supposed to supplant the Federation in the hearts and minds of the galactic community?
As I have pointed out several times in this thread, not every member of the Typhon Pact is a xenophobic, adversarial, imperialist thug.

The Gorn Hegemony is clearly not xenophobic, adversarial, or imperialist. The Tzenkethi Coalition is anti-Federation, but there's no evidence that that extends to other cultures. The Romulans are more isolationist than they are anything else, and frankly they're going to be busy desperately getting the Pact to help them avoid economic collapse. The Breen have only one incident of imperialism in their history, albeit a very recent one. The Kinshaya are adversarial more to the Klingons, and they were the victims of a genocide attempt. The Tholians are adversarial towards the Federation, but there again the Federation has a history of screwing them over in the name of naked self-interest.
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