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^My $0.02:

I think Sisko explained this issue pretty well in "The Maquis, Part I", with his "Saint in Paradise" speach....

The "Washington Elitists" (or, as I'm sure they'd say in the future, the Frisco Elitists)
The Federation capital city is Paris, not San Francisco. As Arlington, Virginia, houses the Pentagon a relatively small distance away from Washington, D.C., so does San Francisco house Starfleet Headquarters a relatively small distance away from Paris.

have never tasted the hard life. They're so used to Earth being a paradise, that they basically have an overdeveloped sense of tranquility. It's disgusting.

It's made'm naive...and sloppy!
Unlikely. Most of the senior defense advisors to the Federation President would have been Starfleet admirals who worked in the field and knew what the real galaxy was like.

The Federation simply has a more pacifistic value system than yours, even given bitter experience. Probably because the UFP is made up of cultures that have experienced war at its worst and know that almost anything else is preferable.
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