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I think what I'm most curious about is the identity of this union. What does it believe in? And is there anything that keeps it together beyond rivalry with that blasted Federation? How is this bunch of xenophobic adversarial imperialist thugs supposed to supplant the Federation in the hearts and minds of the galactic community?
To be fair, that's only how Typhon Pact members were portrayed in Star Trek - consistently portrayed, to be precise. One can assume that's only a facet of their cultures. The writers face the challenge to further develop these cultures both consistently with what was shown on-screen and so that cooperation among them and peaceful coexistence with the Federation can be achieved - no small task.

Of course, 2010's book schedule indicates that a new - perhaps inevitable? - cold war started. Not a development I look forward to - in my opinion, treklit really went overboard with death and destruction recently.
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