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Re: Blackest Night Disussion Thread (Spoilers)

So here's what I don't for someone like Sue and Ralph who've been running around as Ghost Detectives, does this affect them? I'm assuming that anyone who becomes a Black Lantern is evil because they don't have a soul.....but since we have seen Sue and Ralph since they "died", it makes me wonder what they think of the desecration of their bodies?

And since Ralph had long ago given up drinking Gingold, how did his corpse stretch? I also was not aware his body had ever been removed from Fate's tower after the Black Adam miniseries. Was this covered anywhere, or did Johns just screw up somehow? I don't think a Black Lantern ring would be capable of breaching Dr Fate's Tower's defenses.

And One Guardian is able to take down the rest of the council? Even augmented by unknown powers? Couldn't they just blast her into atoms when she was chowing down on the other Guardian?
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