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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Pathfinder (***)

I know that there's some out there who dislike Barclay and I can understand why, I personally like him but consider him to be a character of diminishing returns. His first few episodes on TNG were good, but by Genesis his shtick was wearing thin. Projections was good partly because it wasn't really Barclay, but in Pathfinder it is a Barclay who has suffered a relapse and is even more Barclay-esque than he was in Hollow Pursuits. For that reason I found Barclay a little annoying to watch in this episode. The most fun is to be had when Barclay is acting at his least Barclay-esque in the Voyager holo-program (although I do find it amusing that even in Barclay's imagination of Voyager Lt Carey is a non-entity in Engineering ).

Some minor quibbles include Troi who feels like a gratuitous addition in an episode which is already in danger of falling into that category on its own. As to how Barclay knows where Voyager is considering the ship jumped 30,000 light-years since they last contacted Starfleet... well, I'm sure everybody realised that on their own.

By the way, did anyone else laugh at the extras slowing walking to the turbolift on the bridge when they're only 15 seconds away from a warp core breach? Or how they started walking a little faster around the five second mark?

Okay everyone, that's the end of Voyager! I'll post a recap of the final season over the weekend and then I'll post some thoughts on the series as a whole, but that's it for the episode reviews. I hope you'll join me for my revisit of Enterprise which I'll be starting in a few days, so keep a look out for that in the Enterprise forum.

It's been fun.
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