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Unification, Part One

Plot Summary: Picard is summoned to a starbase, where he learns that Ambassador Spock has been spotted on Romulus, to which Starfleet Command fears he may have defected. Picard takes the Enterprise to Vulcan to ask whether Spock's father knows his whereabouts, but he learns from Sarek that he and his son are still estranged and from Perrin that Sarek is near death. Though he and Spock have not spoken in some time, Sarek does not believe that Spock would abandon the Federation and suggests that Spock may have gone to visit his Romulan friend Senator Pardek. Picard asks Gowron to loan him a cloaked ship so he can approach Romulus undetected, but Gowron refuses to meet with him and sends the reluctant K'Vada to transport him only when Picard threatens to expose how Gowron won the recent Klingon civil war. While Picard and Data travel aboard a Bird of Prey beyond the Neutral Zone, LaForge examines Vulcan debris recovered from a Ferengi wreck and concludes that it was part of the deflector array on the T'Pau. Riker takes the Enterprise to the supply depot where the T'Pau was decommissioned and learns from the administrator Dokachin that the ship is missing. While they are checking for the missing vessel, an unidentified warship approaches and fires on the Enterprise, which returns fire, accidentally destroying the mysterious enemy. Meanwhile, Picard learns from the Klingons that Sarek has died, and Data discovers that Pardek, like Spock, has been an advocate for reunification of the people of Romulus and Vulcan. In disguise, Picard and Data transport to Romulus, where Pardek has them taken into protective custody and where they find Spock with the senator.

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