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Re: WTF?! moment from "Vortex"

Regarding Odo and the bat’leth-wielding Klingon coming up behind him:

I recall several occasions in which small pieces of a shapeshifter were removed from the main body mass, and then rejoined it. But was there ever an occasion in which a shapeshifter was separated clean in half? A quick slice of a bat’leth from behind an unprepared Odo would have accomplished that. Do we know for sure that a shapeshifter could recover from that? More to the point, do Odo and Bashir know for sure that Odo could recover from that?

I hope I’m not violating the TrekBBS standards of conduct. I know that bumping old threads is discouraged, but I don’t know how old is old. This thread has been idle for a few hours shy of one month.
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