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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Established three years ago, and going strong the Knights are a loose grouping of play by forum games that don't involve dice, don't require knowledge of rules and don't need prior knowledge from players. The main guiding principle is that everyone involved should be having fun.

Games are run in conjunction with the players in them, you help decide what happens in the plot lines you are a part of. You design your characters, you get to decide what happens to them, you can make it as dramatic or mundane as you like.

Everyone here is friendly, everyone is welcoming, nobody is going to try and tell you they are more important than you because of some shiny icon or ridiculous self appointed rank. We're here for the hobby, to have fun, and we hope you're joining us for the same.

Call into our forums, check out our wiki, or just let me know what you think here....

Current games you are going to be interested in...

The 58th Squadron 'Wildcards'
Based on a marine carrier the 58th are a squadron of fighter pilots, fighting in the newly broken out war against the Kzinti.

The 'Cats' have some new tech, new tactics and new fighters that have put our people up against it, the federation and her allies has already lost a few engagements and too many good people. It's always a close run thing and we're in it for the long haul.

Do you have 'the right stuff', have you had enough of playing 'nice-nice' explorers, do you want to be really up against it..

Join the 58th!

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Starbase Valhalla
Out in the Antares Sector the Federation has built a new base. In this dark and lawless coonial frontier that base has soon become a bastin against enemies, criminals and even the wild impartial void. Here everyday is new, every hour brings a new event and a new challenge with it. New science is discovered, implemented, new diseases caught and cured, new crimes invented and investigated.

Out here you're quick or you are dead.

Senior and junior roles are available to the right players, key decision making on the future of the sim open to those who wish to get involved. Starbase Valhalla has it all, what are you waiting for?

Join the Valhalla

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Hera Prime Combined Academy
As one might expect from an organisation as large as Star Fleet, not all officer cadets go to San Fransisco, there are better places. Alpha Centauri runs one, as do other active sectors, and now so does the Antares sector. Of course being out here on the frontier they do it a little differently.

For a start it is a combined academy, taking in fleet, Marine and even colonial cadets, a complete spectrum of the services that maintain the rule of law out here on the Federation's new border. Selection is hard, just getting ehre a major achievement, but once youre here things don't get easier, this is the most grueeling, and demanding course that young would be officers face in the galaxy.

They train hard, to be the best.

But it is not all classrooms and courses. These people are young, out going and enthusiastic, they form relationships, have hobbies, have arguments. They go on field trips and operational placements.

Not all of these go anything like what the cadet or the course convenor intended....

Join the Academy

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