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Re: DVD/Blu-Ray Coming November 17th

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Doesn't look like the deleted scenes will be integrated into the film in any way as such an "extra" is usually prominently announced when it does happen. I'm fine with that, but I suspect many will be disappointed.
and yet, I'm not surprised.
You're not surprised that I'm not disappointed or you're not surprised that the scenes will like not be available in some sort of "extended cut"?

(I presume the latter, but the former is always possible)

I am very strongly in favour of creator approval and control over artistic endeavours--even commercial ones. I am even willing to suffer individual disappointments (like the lack of a theatrical cut of Amadeus or a re-cropped aspect ratio on The Last Emperor, to name but two recent Blu-ray releases) as the price to pay for supporting creator control in an age where such a thing is rare. What I do NOT want to see is an "extended cut", NOT approved by the director, as the ONLY release available.
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