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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

I love his hair.

And by hair, I mean the hair, stubble, Sybrows, arm hair, chest hair, leg hair, armpit hair... Hair. And lots of it.

The eyebrows are some of the most awesome ones I've ever seen. Maybe even only rivaled by John Belushi's eyebrow antics.

I love how in the "Isaac Mendez"/precog cartoon drawings of Sylar, ZQ's eyebrows are always drawn GIGANTIC with this huge, long face and stubble. It's hilarious.

Well, no ZQ drool thread is complete without this:

More. Please. Another reason to love the fact that ZQ is starting to get popular. He's actually getting these rather off-kilter and unusual romantic storylines as both Spock and Sylar.


Okay. And a Pinto.

And Spockbrows.

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