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Re: UFP Anthem

The devestation of Cardassia and the destruction of Romulus are proof positive that the Federation is more than content to allow rival powers that they have in the past grappled with - to get squished. For crying out loud - the Romulans had to appeal to one of the Federation's members to even get help from them. The Cardassians had to help themselves, and that got them a planet which now looks like one of those burnt unpopped kernels in a popcorn bag.

You want to talk about lack of will? Let's talk Borg. If I were the Federation president, I would have ordered Picard to shove Data's impossible shape up Hugh's ass because he's endangering trillions, maybe quadrillions of lives.

Does being dangerously negligent give the Federation cheap sexual thrills or something? I don't get it.
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