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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

Harold and Maude -*** One of my girlfriends favorites. Amusing and quirky, but it seems more like someones idea of trying to make a quirky and amusing movie rather than a real story.

A Clockwork Orange- **** Seen it often. Got my girlfriend into it. Classic dystopian movie.

Blade Runner- **** Never saw it before. One of the few movies I've seen that lived up to what I'd heard about it.

The Reader - *** Good film, but better in the early romance scenes. Kind of looses focus as it goes on.

Revolutionary Road- ** I think this film wanted me to sympathize with the plight of idealistic young people trapped in suburbia, but in reality these people were talentless ego-maniacs living in a fantasy world.

Star Trek- *** I kinda badmouthed the film here, but I think it is a good, well made film with several major flaws.

The Wrestler- **** Best film I've seen in a long time. Not just for people who know wrestling. A haunting story of past glory gone by.

Full Metal Jacket- ***1/2 A classic that I love. My girlfriend often finds Kubrik too cold of a filmmaker and thought this film was a good example of that compared to say Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

The House Bunny- *** Look at my avatar. If that isn't enough throw in Anna Faris, Emma Stone, and a pretty cute script.

Zack and Miri Make A Porno- **1/2 Not one of his better films. Funny in parts, but really just another hot girl and loser guy who don't realize they're in love film.

Tropic Thunder- *** Good, but not hysterical. Downey is genius.

Slumdog Millionaire- ***1/2 Gritty, but modern Indian film with a smart script and engaging characters. The love story was a little too oldschool but that can be forgiven.

Bull Durham- ***1/2 Hadn't seen it in ages. Lot better than I remember.

Red Show Diaries- **1/2 Good for nostalgic laughs, but kinda failed to get my girlfriend or I steamed up.

Pi- *** Interesting indie film from Aronofsky. very intelligent script. Times a little too dependent on non-sequitur visuals.

Raging Bull- **** Hadn't seen it in ages. As good as I remember.

Favorites I re-watched:
Sin City
Will Wonka
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
All TNG movies
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