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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

We have a double header tonight!

One Small Step (**)

Isn't it amazing how the the ship from 2028 didn't have artificial gravity when the DY-100 class ships had such technology in 1996?

Today I spent some time on this site watching the "live" recreation of the Apollo 11 launch, so it is fitting that today's Voyager episode was a tribute to pioneer astronauts. If there is one thing which rescued this episode for me it was the fact that the people writing it were clearly trying to give a sincere tribute to those people risking their lives to further the cause of space exploration.

The big problem I have with this episode is that it should have been a Chakotay episode rather than a Seven episode, here we see Chakotay coming into contact with one of his heroes and we really don't get a proper conclusion to that because the episode switches focus to Seven. Actually, the episode really should have focused on Paris when you consider that he is the guy who displayed interest in the early Mars missions in at least one previous episode, but here he is just treated as the pilot, he has a severe case of the Mayweathers going on.

The Voyager Conspiracy (*)

I can just about buy into the idea that Seven's brain overloads and she starts coming up with insane conspiracy theories, but there is no way in hell that I could possibly buy into the idea that Janeway and Chakotay buy into them with no supporting evidence and abandon everything they know about one another. All this episode does is make Janeway and Chakotay look like utter fools, but if anybody knows how to contact them I have a subspace bridge for sale...

And what about the evidence that Seven discovered? What about the Cardassian ship which just disappeared? What about the tractor beam during the explosion of the Caretaker array? Where did the Tetrion reactor that Tash used on his slingshot come from? In order to make Seven's position have any form of validity the episode creates these conundrums and then fails to explain any of them.
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