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Good, just leave the reeducation to us, we have more...experience in these matters.

I look forward to our long and fruitful alliance.
The Federation and Starfleet welcome any efforts towards collaborative efforts with our Cardassian neighbours, towards any goal of galactic stability and peace. These circumstances present an opportunity to learn from each other, in exchanges of culture, philosophy and methodology.

As a token representation of our eagerness towards a cultural exchange, we present a selection of culinary goods from throughout the Federation, among which our chief export among them, known in Federation Standard as root beer.

May our endeavour prove fruitful and productive.
In return the Cardassian Union is pleased to offer to our Federation allies a collection of our finest Kanars and cuisine from across our territory. We also present to you a rare first edition of The Never ending sacrifice and the unabridged works of illoa Prim.

We look forward with great anticipation to our new friendship.
Be careful...their "friendship" only lasts as long as they consider it politically expedient, and you are approved of in their polls. And just wait until first blood is spilled: no matter how "righteous" they may say the cause is at the beginning, they have no ability to see it through to the bitter end, no stomach whatsoever.
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