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Re: WOTW: Did UFP make the right call?

I'm sure you know what I say as a loyal citizen of Cardassia: what the Federation did was absolutely wrong. Yes, they backed Cardassia...TO A POINT. They fought for a time, until they quit caring, when what they should have done was punished the Klingons to ensure that they could never strike at us again. No--instead they were awfully quick to patch it up and act like nothing ever happened. They fight until it no longer serves them--whereas if they had true principle they would fight until the CAUSE was served.

The behavior of their so-called "allies" was unconscionable, and proved the Federation to be utter hypocrites--they claim to value such things as "principle" and "freedom", but in the end they are just as political as Romulans, preferring the relationships they think are politically and militarily expedient over the commitments that would have come with their principles should they have actually adhered to them.
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