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It'll be nice to have Elizabeth Mitchell playing a character I'll actually like. (I loathe Juliet.)
How anyone can call loyal, steadfast, brave Juliet a "bitch" is beyond me but maybe you'll fare better with her character in V (who I have a hunch will be fairly Juliet-like; that's probably part of the reason why they cast her in the role.)

Most bitches I know would react, uh, with a bit less maturity to Sawyer's googly-eyes problem vis a vis Kate. Juliet's a rock; she's a female version of Sam Anders, doesn't matter how they get kicked around romantically, they always behave in a classy manner that is beyond the capacity of 90% of the population.
Loyal to whom? The "others"? Ben? Jack? Herself?

The woman who ambushed and Buffy-kicked Kate into a pulp then pretend-handcuffed herself to Kate to manipulate and con everyone into trusting her?

I'll never believe Juliet is one of the "good guys". She'll betray everyone when it's most convenient for her to do so.
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