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Still...LutherSloan also has a nice point--the interactions these powers have had with the UFP have generally been hostile....
Not that there's much to add to what others have posted above, and this is rehashing old points anyway, but remember the interactions between some of the Typhon Pact members have also been generally hostile in the past. Past hostility has already been overcome there, or at least buried in the interests of toleration. Breen and Romulans, for example, have shown great disdain for one another in several stories and found themselves on opposite sides of a major armed conflict, too. Yet they have evidently decided to put that behind them or overlook it in order to work together. Past interactions aren't necessarilly that meaningful anymore; the Borg invasion shook things up too much. Judging post-2293 Klingon/Federation relations on the basis of past interactions is not too meaningful. Judging post-2154 Andorian/Vulcan relations on the basis of past interactions means little too. Or, the other way around: judging post-2153 perceptions of the Guardians by the Xindi government(s?) on the basis of prior perceptions would be flat-out foolish. Major, rather sudden events simply changed the galactic political landscape too much for the state of things in the past to truly matter to a majority of people. The Borg invasion was another such sudden change. Placing too much faith in an analysis of past interactions might be a mistake.

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