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Thanks, Christopher, Rush. A few things, though...

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Still...LutherSloan also has a nice point--the interactions these powers have had with the UFP have generally been hostile....
To a point and within specific contexts. But it's important to remember two things:

1. The Federation has had on-going dealings with all of these states save the Holy Order. It's exchanged ambassadors with the Breen, Gorn, Tholians, Romulans, and Tzenkethi. That means that the vast majority of the time, Federation interaction with them has been non-violent, if sometimes adversarial. When we saw the Tholians attacking the Enterprise or the Gorn hitting Cestus III, those were the exceptions to the rule, not the normal (or only) interactions the Federation had with them.

2. In some of those hostile interactions, the Federation was the aggressor -- or, at least, was perceived to be such by the foreign state in question. Take, for example, the Federation's establishment of a colony on a Gorn-claimed world. The Gorn likely believed themselves under threat of imminent invasion from a vast empire they had never before encountered. Or take the Federation's deliberate decision to move into the Taurus Reach to try to scavenge technology from the Shedai -- a move that cannot fail to strike anyone who knows how dangerous the Shedai are as being anything other than deliberately provocative if not out and out aggressive and threatening to other cultures. Or, for that matter, take the Enterprise's and Excalibur's deliberate invasions of Tholian space in 2269 and 2298. Would a Tholian be accurate and fair, therefore, in criticizing the Federation as warlike and aggressive?
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