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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

Just because a ship is driven by impulse doesn't mean that it limited to interplanetary travel. One such case is the TOS Bird of Prey. Another such exampel is the Refit Enterprise in Star Trek the Motion Picture.
The former could be a case of temporary impulse operations, mistaken by our heroes for permanent warp incapability. The latter issue I'm not familiar with - the refit ship didn't seem to do any warping or other FTL travel without warp engines in the movie.

That still leaves just two examples of "impulse goes interstellar" in all of Star Trek - and "impulse doesn't allow interstellar" is a central plot point in several episodes, such as "Ensign Ro". Going against these plot points on ambiguous evidence doesn't strike me as a good idea.

Do we have cause to believe this is the case?
That some of the ships in the fleet are of warp-capable type? Yes - several of the Bajoran/Cardassian triangle designs have been evidenced at warp in other episodes. That some may be temporarily warp-incapable? Yes, if we accept that they are normally warp-capable, and are now being referred to as "impulse ships".

The same way, a ship that once possessed steam engines or sails could later be systematically referred to as a "barge" or a "barracks ship" once those engines or sails were removed... And in the former case, there might be little or no external evidence of the reclassification, other than the observed new role of the vessel.

Yet here to I have to have cause to accept that ships displayed are something other than what the council says they're capabilities are.
I'm not sure I understand you here. If the ships are capable of impulse and no better during the episode, no matter what the reason, then they should count as "impulse ships" all right - even if the designs as such have warp drives.

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