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Master of Tarquin Hill wrote:
As someone who watched V in its original run I can only guess that you are very unfamiliar with what this story is about.

I mean seriously, did you even look up anything about the original miniseries before you posted?

They wanted us for food...and all of our water! I call that a well-rounded meal.
I've seen the first mini the Final Battle and some of the god awful TV show. If I've never seen the mini there is no way I could have mentioned The Fifth Column. I am concerned tptb would change that to make things more black and white. In the first mini the Visitors wanted us for shock troops in addition to food and water but it was dropped after the first mini. The very end scene was the resistance sending a signal out into deep space so the other aliens could receive it and come to their aid. I want to see it fleshed out evidenced by the fact a lot of people have forgotten it.

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