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And I'd be happy if the remake ditched the whole "We need your water" thing, though I don't think they are. It's very, very scientifically ignorant. There are thousands and thousands of times more water (in the form of ice) to be found in the moons and comets of the outer Solar System than you'd ever find on Earth, and it's much easier to obtain because you don't have to fight the gravity of the Earth and the Sun to get it out of the system. Heck, you could find huge amounts of water ice around practically any star in the galaxy. So there's just no reason why an inhabited planet would be the only place the Visitors could go to find water. If anything, that's the last place they should look for water, because the water on an inhabited planet is going to be far from sterile.
Yes, but the inhabited planet has a native labor force -- not to mention technology -- which can be exploited to help gather and process the water at a fraction of the cost of building a whole operation and importing the labor into a hostile planetary/cometary environment -- or trying to extract sparsely distributed water vapor in the harsh vacuum of deep space. Plus, it's difficult to find good hors d'oeuvres on moons, comets or in orbits around stars.

As for the show itself, the previews are mixed. The "announcement" from the bottom of the spaceships looks terribly ridiculous. But some of the other sequences, the interview for example, are intriguing.
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