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Please tell the person who isn't what he should be, that Cardassia extends the hand of friendship to the non-military Starfleet and ask if they would like to join us in ..peacekeeping operations againist the Rickrollers and their disgusting allies?
Starfleet policy is open to the possibility of assisting other soverign nations in the pursuit of reestablishing and reminding the importance of abiding by the principles of respecting sentienty* and interstellar decency, and if approved by the Federation Council, such punitive measures against parties that don't respect such concepts are authorised, such as reeducation, removal from contact with affected bystanders and whatever else is deemed necessary by the mandate of those affected.

*Starfleet Vocabulary Guidelines states that the word 'humanity' is discriminatory to those beings whose species are not originally descended from Terra, aka Sol III, and thus sentienty must be used in all relevant contexts.
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