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I hope it features visitors that sympathize with the humans the Fifth Column and break the cliche of aliens=bad. A plot point I always wanted to see fleshed out in V is the alien race that the visitors are at war with and need to convert humans into troops to fight them.
As someone who watched V in its original run I can only guess that you are very unfamiliar with what this story is about.

I mean seriously, did you even look up anything about the original miniseries before you posted?

They wanted us for food...and all of our water! I call that a well-rounded meal.
As I recall when Donovan first sees the humans in suspended animation he is told that many of them are to be used as troops in the Visitors war with another alien species. This leads to a sub plot where the Resistance try to signal the other race for help (this was never followed up on).

Those humans not suitable for use as troops would be food.
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